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September 05, 2008


Robert Ashton

I too found Laila's presentation amazing. The idea that a city's authorities could take away the livelihood of its poor, by hiring a waste management company, that then replaced recycling with landfill is breathtakingly awful!

It was an inspiring conference that reassured me that as this century unfolds, common sense, reason and social enterprise will increasingly prevail.

Al Huntoon

Very insightful post! I recently ran into a similar issue in Manangua.

I also think that the various cutural interpretations/differences/meanings of social enterprise need to be explored futher.

Thanks for your postings from this event.

Maria Zabala

Hi Naomi,

It was great meeting you at the event.

I have been a barbarian at the gate and was so fortunate that I went to the Forum and met Laila.
I was moved by her speech and her determination and singleminded purpose. I asked her thoughts and expertise to transform Manila's 2 million ton of "material" heap right at the heart of the city into a livelihood, into a cottage industry. The event provided a platform of incubating ideas.


Naomi Takeuchi

Robert, Al, Maria:

Thanks so much for your posts. It was such an eye opener to see how perspectives/solutions from other countries don't work in another and when we think about Social Enterprise, we need to see what is important culturally in addition to the traditional triple bottom line approach. Perhaps this is the "fourth bottom line"...the cultural return on investment!



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